Number 2 Road Drainage Pump Station Upgrade

The City of Richmond’s No.2 Road North Drainage Pump Station is a focal point on the City’s dike system, drawing the public to connect with the function of the station through public art and architectural design while providing a robust post-disaster facility for the City’s flood protection needs. The project included an elegant wing-like butterfly roof of the pump station floating above a glass volume that encloses fascinating industrial equipment: the motor control center and standby generator. The structure was designed to be a piece of functional art. The result was a glass-walled building showcasing the system’s controls and emergency generator and inviting the public to connect with the purpose and functionality of the station, as well as with the various types of water interacting with the station. Also in this project, the existing wet well structure could be successfully incorporated into the design with extensions and retrofits. This post-disaster facility generally consists of water retaining concrete structure, soil retaining walls, steel/concrete building, heavy equipment foundations, and seismic bracing of the equipment.

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
CategoryInfrastructure Facilities
LocationRichmond, British Columbia
ClientOPUS Canada/City of Richmond (2015)
ArchitectFeenstra Architecture Inc.

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